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13xforever's gameplay for Chaos Rings (IPHONE)

13xforever played Chaos Rings

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So, beating the last boss at the end of the 4th dungeon was too easy.

Now we must face our friends face-to-face once again in Arena.

That wasn't all that hard either.

Than, of course we have to fight that pesky Agent for the sake of our fallen comrades.

Divine Fist can solve most of the problems in no time. As in this case.

Then things start to turn weird.

And then even more weirder.

And then it abruptly stops.

Well, it's actually the end of the first story arc (and I have another 3 to follow) and not the end of the game per se, but still gives me impression that I can write a review.

One step further towards the true ending of the game - the Executioner.

He's tougher than most of the bosses, but still quite easy to beat.

And then I was stomped by pair of common monsters. And then again. And again. People looking for a balanced gameplay, move along >_<
Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings (IPHONE)

Release Date: 20/APR/10
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