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A Promise

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Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 08/MAR/11
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*gasp* Is that...lesbian action between elves and humans???? Please tell me!!!
Yes, it is. As it happens, you can have either way with any party member (except Bethany, obviously).
Can't do it with Aveline or Varric sadly :(
@Mishy Well, you have to flirt with them every time the option comes by.

Are you sure you can't? Some characters are more obvious (i.e., you really can't miss Anders with FemHawke) I also thought that I've missed the first chance with Merrill, because in Act 2 I totally bedded Isabella and Anders (by accident! - he really is persistent) long before the first flirt option was available for Merrill.

And in-between I totally had an opportunity to romance Aveline. I'm sure Varric is also an option.
On the second thought, Dragon Age wikia doesn't list them as romanceable :-(
the flirt icon is avalible for many people regardless if you can actually date them.

And I found my first flirt option with Merril in act 1 oddly enough.
@Mishy Ah, that explains much, although I've seen this only in regard to Aveline, it seems.

And about the first option to flirt, yes, you must do this at least once in Act 1. What I meant is that I thought I've missed it then, because in Act 2 I hadn't a chance to flirt with Merrill until the very end of it.

No Varric has at least one flirt option I think, though I did see a "Can't you see he isn't the one!" sorta dialogue option for Aveline, really need to try that out at some point but Aveline is so awesome ._.
@Mishy ha, I find her the least exciting character in DAII.

Even Fenris and Isabella are more interesting for me. And I absolutely love the bubbling of Merrill ♥

But I think it's great, that BioWare has managed to squeeze so much different psychotypes in only a handful of characters, so everyone could pick at least one that they could really care about.
Yeah, I saw Merril and went "Yep, shes my LI now, bugger off others" though my mage is gonna romance Isabella.

Varric + Isabela + Merril = win, some of the conversations are so bad xD
@Mishy That's true! Usually, I settle for a specific group quite quickly and change party members only if it makes sense (like, companion quests or quests where I anticipate a lot of enemies of specific type, etc.)

But in DAII I totally love to rotate them, just to listen to their blunter >_<
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