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Random House

“This family has a LOT of children”

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Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana (IPHONE)

Release Date: 21/DEC/10
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It looks like this game I used too have on my phone called Heroes Lore :P
@Jonis212 To be fair, most of old jRPGs look similar. Especially Squeenix ones. Their remakes are also have the same art style, so it's no wonder.
Yeah I know, these are cool :)
It kind of looks like Lunar.
@Noobierock Never played this series, so I can't say much about their similarity or otherwise.

But then again, it seems like I skipped a lot of classics. Like all Zelda games. Or Dragon Quest. Or most of the Breath of Fire games.

Anyway, if anything, this game reminds me of Chronotrigger, but it's more action-y.
I'm told I ate a Zelda game when I was 2.
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